B inding books can be very involved and time consuming but can also be great fun.
I love to experiment with different materials and covering techniques but ultimately the binding techniques have to be taken seriously otherwise the book does not work as a book and open and flow freely. I enjoy working with different textiles and love using wool, leather, vellum and parchment which are more traditional binding materials.

W ork with Herdwick wool from the sheep of the Lakeland Fells, crocheted into covers for handbound notebooks, address books, visitor books, diaries and photograph albums.

A6 Notebooks Visitor and Address books
O ther Herdwick wool items include; Hand crocheted pencil case with notebook and pencil, hand crocheted purse with notebook and hand crocheted scarves.

Pencil case and purse sets

Above, Fun Things. Miniature (< 7.5cm) Heart-shaped "star-books" great for a decoration or a special gift card.

Above, "Wandering Wainwright" - a miniature back to back star book made from photocopied pages of an old Wainwright diary onto hand made, hand marbled paper. Measures 4.5 x 4.5cm when closed.

A 6 size limp leather and vellum notebooks / journals - all have different coloured leathers and endpapers and are carefully hand bound. These can be made in a wide range of colours and have different leather inside and out. Different sizes are also available.

A bove: A6 size limp vellum notebooks / journals with decorative endpapers and ribbon ties.

A textile binding - hand felted on fabric with hand embroidery and decorative beads, measures 21cm high x 13cm wide x 3.5cm deep. Eight sections of six folios - 192 pages. Tied with purple ribbon at foredge. A one - off binding.
S mall (95mm x 65mm and 110mm x 70mm) address books bound in various materials - some recycled, some new - leather spines and marble paper.    

Estimates for work available on request

If you would like more information regarding Bookbinding my email is hgoldingmiller@gmail.com

mobile: 07729 125 314     or    015395 60334