P rivate individuals and families often have small collections of family material whether it is the Family Bible, Certificates (Birth, Death, Marriage etc) family correspondence or photographs all of which may be in need of some tender loving care. Sometimes the solution is fairly simple and straight forward, othertimes a more involved approach is required. I will always discuss with the client what the options are before any work is carried out. All estimates are free and valid for six months.
B usinesses, however small, have an Archive of their business - it may be that a firm is long established and some older but very important documents have seen better days. Perhaps all that is needed is a good clean and some new Archival packaging and the items will last another 50 - 100yrs!! Again all estimates are free and valid for six months.

involves the physical intervention of an item without altering its integrity. Items are assessed, recommendations are made and information is gathered whilst work is being undertaken. All work is kept to a minimum with everything being visible, reversible and compatible. A full report is written at the end of any conservation work for future Conservators / Curators / Archivists etc to refer to.

All conservation work is done to BS 4971 - "Repair and Allied Processes for the Conservation of Documents. Recommendations". Work must be undertaken by qualified personnel who work to a recognised code of ethics.

Working for the National Trust at Townend, Troutbeck, undertaking in-situ conservation work on the books in the library.

Detail of new cords which will be used to reattach the original front board of the volume.

Close up of a repair made to a corner of a book. Paper repairs are also visible within the text block.

Example of paper repair to a fold-out map within a book.

Close up of a paper repair to a map within a volume.

A fragile corner requiring paper repair.

Covers everything which prolongs the life of an item or the information it contains. It may involve surveying, cleaning, packaging, reproducing and ultimately having a suitable environment in which it is stored.

Simple preservation measures which can be taken are;

         - Removing metal paper clips / staples etc
         - Removing rubber bands
         - Removing string
         - Keep items flat
         - Repackage in Archival quality materials

Estimates for work available on request

If you would like more information regarding Conservation / Preservation my email is hgoldingmiller@gmail.com

mobile: 07729 125 314     or    015395 60334