Decorative and Practical Paper Gifts

In addition to my conservation work I also create handbound notebooks and paper decorations. These are sold at various craft events through the year. Examples of these items are shown in the gallery below. Click any image to see a larger view, and navigate through the images using the forward and back arrows.

Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_DSC01227.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_DSC01231.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_DSC01232.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6714.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6715.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6716.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6717.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6718.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6719.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6720.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6721.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6722.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6723.JPG Giftware_by_Handbound-by-Helen_IMG_6724.JPG

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